Serving the families of Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

Daddy’s Home for Parent University

After listening to North Omaha fathers, the Learning Community created a new course just for our dads.


When conducting parent focus groups recently, the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties discovered fathers shared a common need. And in May, the Learning Community launches “Daddy’s Home,” a six-week Parent University course with training and discussion just for fathers.


Anthony Douglas and his daughter.

Anthony Douglas signed up for our “Daddy’s Home” course right away. He’s completed more than 30 Parent University courses in the Learning Community Center of North Omaha and he shared with us why he thinks a class focused on fathers is a much-needed opportunity. “It’s important for fathers to share experiences and understand our common struggles.” Douglas hopes it will be a place “to lift each other up.”

Once announced, the new weekly fatherhood class filled very quickly. Now that more and more research shows that young children gain tremendous benefit from a loving and involved father, we at Parent UNiversity couldn’t be more proud to offer an opportunity for children and fathers to grow more stronger and more confident together.

Benefits of Involved Fathers

  • Increases a child’s confidence
  • Supports student success
  • Increases problem-solving skills


“Many fathers want to make a positive impact in their child’s life, but struggle to find their place.” Jamalia Parker, Learning Community Director of Family Engagement Services, “’Daddy’s Home’ gives fathers the opportunity to learn from each other and take advantage of resources to make fatherhood a little easier.”

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